I never had a girlfriend and the girl I'm interested in might be dating. Advice?

So I work for a company and met this one co-worker who's super cute and pretty. Some co-workers, including her, and I once played a game of poker after work and that's how we got to know each other initially.

We don't work on the same team, so we don't interact at work at all. The only chance I get to talk to her is whenever we run into each other at work, but that's rare. Whenever she runs into me, she says "Hi" with a smile. I fall for her all over again every time.

Whenever our company throws a social event (office party, happy hour, etc.), I can't talk to her because her manager (who's married and isn't interested in her) is talking to her, mostly about work.

I've talked to other people about my interest in her and they suggested that I ask her out to lunch or coffee, but that would be SUPER weird because we don't work together and it would be blatantly obvious that I'm just trying to get with her.

We're both Korean, but she was adopted by a white, American family, so I don't know what's her take on dating certain races.

I'm 24 and never had a girlfriend. She's 28 and intelligent, beautiful, nice, and confident.

I'm not a stalker or anything and I never look up girls like this, but I searched for her on Facebook and her profile pic is with her and this other white dude. I think it might be her boyfriend. Not sure how long they have been dating if it's her boyfriend.

What do I do?


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  • Listen to your co-workers, ask he out for lunch, omg a lunch... seems like you want to get into her pants... please its a harmless lunch. Grow some balls and get your women. Gl ;)

  • Hire another female coworker to find the scoop. Easy.

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