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Wondering wwhat is my (29/m) situation is going to be with a 28/f?

Heyy all I was connecting with and getting to know this girl. I got her number from a family member and we've first spoke to each other on the phone and I think we got to know each other, she seemed a little uninterested when talking, but when I texted saying I'm glad I spoke to her she said 'me too!' I also told her we should meet and she said 'please do!' So for the next 2-3 weeks we've been texting each other a lot, talking about general things like our interests, asking how our days were. I never texted her repeatedly, I made it an effort to copy how often she was texting. I really felt as if things were going great. We met up at a restaurant Saturday and I think we connecting well, but at the same time she still kinda looked sorta uninterested at times, not sure what that was all about. But we were talking a lot, and I kept the conversation going.
We kept talking throughout, there wasn't a lot of awkwardness, food was good and all and the 'date' lasted 1 hour. Afterwards when the waiteress asked at the end of the meal, anything else, she said 'no just the check.' Not sure if that was an indication things didn't go well. At the end when we were walking to our cars, we walked together a bit, she did say after like 1 min of walking 'you don't have to follow me ' i said 'my car is just here, and it was in front of where we were walking. I wasn't stalking her or anything.
Later I texted her and I said something like 'I had a good time, great to meet you, great food!.' She said 'Same here.' ...
I did try to text her a day later asking how she was, i haven't heard from her.
I am just wondering if I should feel as if she wasn't happy with me based on certain things like getting the check, not following her or anything.
I mean I felt we were texting a lot and things were going well for the 2-3 weeks before we met. I mean what should I think?
Wondering wwhat is my (29/m) situation is going to be with a 28/f?
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