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Arranged marriages?

At some point I considered doing this , but my family will not approve of my dating preferences and standards.

You couldn’t pay me to online date ever - between catfishes and weirdoes no.. me and dating apps don’t work.. lol.. I don’t online date..

Finding a suitable mate for a long term relationship hard - finding a mate for marriage even harder..

I have zero expectations at this point - how do you feel about arranged marriages?

I’m hesitant about interacting with anyone online , but due to Covid I know it’s hard meeting someone in person nowadays..
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Number 1 I’m not a dude and number 2 due to Covid and all these restrictions I’m not out there. For the last years I’ve been focused on myself - I’m not in the dating scene like that - no I don’t online date ( stopped that 5-6 years ago )
Arranged marriages?
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