Quick question for boys: why wouldn't you date your hot female friend??

hi, so I'm going to make this short but I have this guy friend mark. mark is kinda geeky: into video games and math and stuff (but it doesn't matter to me because I'm into those kinds of guys)...mark is also not the most attractive guy to most girls (but I personally find him cute so none of that matters)...anyway, mark always compliments me and tells me that I look good and that I'm smart and nice. mark and I briefly dated for a month but he broke up with me due to long distance (2.5 hrs away for college). all of this was 2 years ago. anyway, mark finds me attractive (he has said so) and even all his male friends hit on me ALL THE TIME (if they do it in front of mark he get's super angry so they try not to). anyway, I was talking to mark's friend Ted the other day and Ted was telling me how Mark thinks that I'm attractive and that Mark is upset that he 'didn't succeed' and that he really liked me a lot. After Ted told me this I began to wonder why Mark did not want to continue dating me if he finds me so attractive/we get along and are friends? ya, so my question for you boys is: why wouldn't a guy not want to date his good female friend if he finds her 'hot'?

additional information

-mark and I have known each other for 3 years now

-we don't hangout often so its defs not because he sees me like a 'sister'

-we talk all the time and about tones of stuff

-he continues to compliment me all the time even now

-his friend ted has known him all his life and see's him nearly everyday

-mark and I are 22


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  • Probably because he really enjoys the friendship and is afraid that if he dates you and it doesn't work out, then the friendship will be over as well. I think being friends puts you at a position of advantage, though. You already know each other, you are already close, and you dated once before. Early on in college, I had a huge crush on a girl that I had become good friends with. Eventually I asked her out. We went out for dinner once and she said she just wanted to stay friends and we are still good friends to this day.

  • because she is a friend and wouldn't want to ruin that. Also sometime girls can become friends for guys and then they have no interest in the,.


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