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How do you get over the fear of rejection?

So I feel like I’m a smart guy, I know philosophy history politics a little bit of sociology and psychology the hard sciences I’ve read they Hilliard odyssey and Shakespeare between the ages of 10 and 12

The one thing I’m completely stupid at is women, I know the philosophy on how the guy should act on a date. Pay for everything a kiss at night weather it be on the hand lips or check. Make sure she make it safe to her house/apartment then take off and don’t go inside because you will be tempted to sleep with her and you should wait until marriage to sleep with her.

now I’ve been rejected by every women I’ve seen except 1 and that is my adopted mom I’ve been with 2 women I refuse to date Christian even though I was Raised Christian share many of the benefits and value but am no longer Christian I’m agnostic I’m also pretty far right. Women don’t seem to like if you not Christian but share the same value they don’t want to date you but women in my state if your not pro choice pro gun compensation and educated they don’t want to date you either which I am none of those things but one and that is educated so I’m in the dark. Help I’m 28 and don’t want to the creepy 40 year old dating a 20 thing but I want a lot of kids help if you can
How do you get over the fear of rejection?
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