Why isn't he calling me?

hi I'm new here,

i meet this guy from a dating site early June , we texted and called each other for a week then meet up last Friday for a drink went really well and kissed, meet again on Saturday night and he introduced me to his brother, at the end of the night he drove me back home and wanted to meet my parents who where looking after my 2 boys at my house, I said no as it was too early and didn't want him too meet them like this, after on the Sunday morning we texted each other and invited him to my parents for a BBQ, it was really nice and he enjoyed him self told me he had a great time!

and this is where it all get's complicated after he meet my parents we texted each other and he invited me to his house to have a diner on the Monday night, I expected as I really liked him! but he called me on Monday afternoon saying he was really sorry but his grandma was really ill so he had to go to hospital to go and see her and asked if it was OK to meet the next day I said yes it was fine, but when I texted him the next day to see what time we should meet up he texted me and said he was really sorry but his grandma was dieing so he was taking turns with his mum to look after her, he said he really liked me and wanted to get to know me but didn't have anyone else to help his grandma! told me he talked to his grandma about me! but since then no news he hasn't called hasn't texted me nothing! I don't know what to think is it en excuse to not see me again? should I wait for him to call me? why did he want to meet my kids and parents if he didn't like me!

help I'm so confused


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  • really? give him the benefit of the doubt. if his grandma is dieing and they are close of coarse he is going to be dizzy and distracted. Give him a while if he doesn't contact you, contact him. RELAX! because its a dying family member. always comes first

    • i guess your right! I'm probly over reacting but I've been so much cheated and lied on that I find hard to trust guys! did send him a message asking how his grandma was doing!i do care! probly meet him at the wrong time!

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  • it sounds like he is telling the truth. When my grandmother got sick and died, I was really sad and didn't want to have much contact with anyone except the ones that were closest to me. So if I had met a guy that I really liked then I would have waited some time and make sure I was up to it, so that I didn't treat him wrong because of my mixed up feelings. I think you are over reacting a bit. why don't you text him and ask him how his grandmother is doing? he is probably really upset about it, and don't make everything about your relationship then. give him some time and be there for him if he needs it instead.

    • hi thanks for giving me an answer! well I tried to call him earlier on but his phone was switched off, so thought he might be busy and didn't leave a message! I like to send him a message just to know how his grandma is doing but don't want him to think that I am too much behind his back! should I wait for him to call me or send him a message to show I care!

      and I guess you right I am over reacting just I've been so much cheated on by me ex that I find it hard to believe or trust other man!

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