Online dating are you a fan of it?

What are some red flags for online dating.. here’s mine based on experiences over the years..

1. Video chatting- There is always some excuse to why we can’t video chat after a few days. I want to see who I’m talking too as in pictures can only go so far. If I’m talking to a guy and he won’t show himself on cam or meet up in public that’s a red flag after a few days. I’m use to a) My phone is broken b) I lost my cell phone c) The lens on my phone isn’t working d) I’d need to take some pictures

2. Lies and sob stories - I’ve met a lot of guys using the sob story of I’m divorced , I’m a widow , or I lost my parents.. either the kids are else where while some is raising them ( parents or grandparents) and the parents is elsewhere like in the military ( I actually met men impostering service men.)

3. Fake pictures of people that you are cat fishing - The person will never meet up or give a definite answer when you and him / her are meeting. I’ve met guys sending me fake pictures of other guys while I don't know who I’m talking to behind the screen.

4. Other social media outlets - “ Let’s chat on What’s App” , “ Google Duo “ , or “ KIK” “ we left one dating app where video chat feature was available to another app outside the dating app.

5. Netflix and Chill - These strange guys want to come to your place less than 24 hours of meeting or they want you to come to their house. If you have time drive to me or I drive to you we could actually meet at a public place in daylight.

6. “ I’m catching feelings for you “ or “ I love you “ after 48 hours of meeting? We never met or dated how can you be in love with me or catching feelings? Red flag 🚩

7. Scammers - They tell you you’re financial story to make them feel sorry for you. One guy told me an agent scammed him out of 20k and he has to work his butt off to pay his debt off.. Often time use looks or sex appeal to lure women who they think are vulnerable or lonely to pay them money too. I call them “jugaloos”
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This is why I don’t care for online dating between fake people and time wasted
Online dating are you a fan of it?
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