My best friend acts like we're dating... but she keeps insisting that's not the case?

I don't honestly understand her anymore. Everything has gone weird since I asked her out 2 years ago. She'd told me she was 'too busy' to date anyone, but I assumed she meant no and left it at that. For a few months after that everything was fine between us... and then her grandma died. That set off a number of things that before then had never happened.

For one it was the first time she'd ever drank heavily. For two it was the first time I've ever seen her truly cry, she wouldn't let anyone else near her but me and she refused to let go of me the entire night, including sleeping cuddled up next to me on the sofa. I'd never seen her cuddle with ANYONE before that.

In the months that followed she continued drinking often, and every time I was around it seemed something happened. A few months after that first drunk night she tried to hook up with me (I wouldn't let her though because she was so drunk). A few weeks after that we finally kissed, but once again she repeated her comment of being 'too busy' to date anyone. A few weeks ago now she admitted she had a huge crush on me for quite some time and is still more than a little jealous of my other close girl friend (whom she'd thought I'd liked).

She also mentioned that she is more than half attracted to another friend of ours but nothing is going to happen both because she 'doesn't have time' to date anyone and she 'couldn't do that to me'. All this came in a blur just before she started crying, started hugging me saying over and over how confused she is and how she doesn't know what she wants.

I'm at a total loss now. What the heck do I do? I've been dating other girls all along but if she would ever tell me straight up she wanted to date I would. She just can't seem to?


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  • Well obviously there is somethingg that she is hiding. You need to sit down with her and get her to open up to you. Yeah, she likes you but she is confused. I can't really give advice other than just talk with her and get her to open up to you. I don't know her problem so I can't give that much advice.

    Just talk with her okay. But she likes you and also, good on you for not taking advantage of her when she was drunk :D


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