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Am I Dating a shy girl or lie girl? (Part 1)?

1 day an unknown girl texted me on social media, and slowly and gradually we started conversation and 2 month of conversation.
I started dating a girl, it's been 2 years now. 1st year straight she was good, share our lives, our views our opinions, we express each other, i actually enjoyed our company. But 1 day at midnight, we were having a conversation after few minutes she said she wanna sleep. I said ok. I also wanna sleep. But after 10 minutes i was still awake so I checked my watsapp to message her, what I saw that she is already online, and I watched her for 5 minutes then I massaged her, after that she immediately got offline, without replying then next morning I tried to discuss that thing with her about last night, she said she don't know how she was online because she was sleeping so I asked her how it is possible to be sleeping and been online at the same time, she just said I don't know and don't wanna talk about it because it's ruining her mood. And I was like don't want to know that how here phone's watsapp app is ON. And i forget about that and started talking to her as before. Now after 2 days she randomly said that it's her bother who was online with her phone. Now point is she already confirmed me that her phone is locked all the time. How come her bother can do that?
The we had a fight on that then we stopped talking for around 6 months, in between she cried a lot and tried to convince me that it wasn't her at that time and she don't know how that happened.

After 6 month my parents told me that they were they were looking a girl for me for a marriage and showed me a pic and I recognised her it's her, so I asked her about that so now she started telling me that she already was having a conversation with my family and that's y she texted me. and she likes me and she wants to marry me.

I was bit confused but a also like her so we said yes for marriage.

All was good then I slowly started understanding that she is Little dominant and same as me.

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Am I Dating a shy girl or lie girl? (Part 1)?
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Am I Dating a shy girl or lie girl? (Part 1)?
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Am I Dating a shy girl or lie girl? (Part 1)?
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