Late 20s? I get dates, but not getting anywhere, advice?

I'm in my late 20s. I only had one very serious relationship that lasted for 4 years from HS to college. After that relationship, I never had anything over a year. The longest one was a little bit less than a year, which I felt like doing a chore, since I felt pressured into a relationship due to my age.

But, what is wrong with me? I would like a relationship. I always get the same comments from both girls/guys, "You're so cute!" And if it's some kind of date or casual conversation with guys, it's always, "You're pretty and smart. Why are you still single?" or "I don't believe a girl like you would be sexually inactive or not have a bf" I want to know the answer too.

I have no problems getting dates. But after a 3-4 weeks, there's never a progress. Yes, I lose interest sometimes, but there are those where I am interested, but no progress.

I am, indeed, sexually inactive. I exercise regularly, graduated with honors, and am in a high profile job. I don't know how to play this dating game. What do people normally do in the beginning of the dating scene? I try my best to be my best, but nothing seems to be working?


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  • better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all


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  • Maybe you're just not clicking with the guys you're dating. There's probably no spark. The only thing you can do to fix that is to keep going.

    • You're probably right. I think I have been so worn out that whoever I meet won't generate any sparks. I guess this would show huh?! Even for the guys I am interested in, I look at it this way, oh he's nice, intelligent and good-looking. That's good; never paid attention to the "spark".

    • as a side note: Even if there is some spark, that does not guarantee anything long-term (I was in one that lasted only two months and there were definitely sparks at the beginning : ( ).