Who am I supposed to choose?

So I have the standard which guy do I pick issue. Of the two, Zachary and Nathaniel, Nathaniel is definitely the safer choice, the security. But Zachary is the passion. While Nathaniel and I have chemistry, Zachary and I have the sparks. Zachary is also a jerk and an asshole and a player and all the things I can't stand but he's insanely smart and almost nerdy. Nathaniel is a gentleman and nice and sweet but he also has enough of a bad boy in him (he's in a band and such).

I don't know how to choose. I don't know what to do. It's like ying and yang. Do I want safe or dangerous? I'm putting my heart on the line and I don't want it broken to pieces.


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  • I was in the same sorta situation just a few months ago, I thought I had to chose between two guys, one was the passion, the other was the security, and it really bothered me I tryed to think it through but could never chose one, but thankfully one of them (the passion) decided he had better things to do (I have no idea why) and he stop all contact with me, so I was left with "the security" and I'm now in a happy relationship with him :)

    so unless they actually tell you to chose between them, then it will work it self out, problems like this do that, you just have to 'go with the flow and let the river of life carry you'.

    goodluck :) and don't stress like I did, I caused myself more pain by stressing then the actually problem did.


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  • I'm not going sugar coat this. This is a dumb question.

  • "I don't want it broken to pieces"

    So you're considering the player...why?


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