Remember: no matter how fine she is somebody, somewhere is sick of her sh*t

There's a girl that works at a Starbucks by my work came in and left her number form me. I called her up we went on a date things hit off really quick. Both of us just got out of relationships so we were only dating. The sex was amazing and our time spent together was even better.

Then about two months ago she stops sleeping with me, stops cuddling, stops kissing, and even paying that much attention to me. This was by far the best looking woman I ever dated, not that that really matters to me, but it was obvious she knew how hot she was and that she liked to use that to her advantage. I despise that attitude.

Any way she kept calling me to come over like almost every night she said she needed me. But when I got there it was like I might as well not have even come over because we didn't do shit. Not even talk for the most part.. so then I asked her basically what the hell and she said she gets too wrapped up in guys and decided to back up. I told her she should have talked to me about it not just turned everything off because she was scared then I stated that I didn't want a girlfriend right now.

She said me either and then told me that I would do anything for her, basically she called me her b***. I said I'm sorry you feel that way. She said maybe someday we would go back to what we had. I told her that I'm not going backwards since this is exactly what my ex did. Anyway I have not talked to her in two weeks.... Do you think I over reacted?
Remember: no matter how fine she is somebody, somewhere is sick of her sh*t
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