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How can a 24 year old girl find a boyfriend?

I’m 24 I never met a guys family or parents. I want be with boyfriend on holidays Thanksgiving and Christmas, date me weekly, share our life together. I’m going to a bar tomorrow for my bday as I don’t want be lonely at home. The few friends I have are all married or with bfs only. I never even had guy meet me daily. I’m older now I just work. & I want a man spend life with me. I don’t want baby or marry but I want serious relationship. I’m tired of going out with parents and brother and his wife for dinner, I’m an adult women I need have a man next to me in the dinner with family. Have man do errands with me visit me after work, plan everything together. Don’t say be happy alone I’m young. I deserve be happy now not til I’m 30 I spent my whole life alone I deserve be in serious relationship now at 24 I’m not young young is age 15. I spent 10 years alone I now deserve be happy with a man.
How can a 24 year old girl find a boyfriend?
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