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Is it normal be alone in a relationship?

I’m always alone, I do errands alone I hav no boyfriend visit me daily at night after work, I have no one ask live with me together, nothing. Daily I’m alone. I see girls with bfs shopping, they even buy food togeher, all holidays they spend it with bfs, I don’t even know guys family or where he lives. My family go out for dinner and I have no man next to me with my family. We rarely meet weekly and then he’ll be on vacation spend entire week without me go out alone daily, how is this a relationship? I’m always crying confused wondering daily if we’ll meet, will we meet chritmas? Wen I’ll meet his mom? Wen we’ll have a couple pic together? I spend daily my life like this 😔 I’m 24 I’m a grown woman already. I wasted my whole life working now I need life with a. Man. Am I supposed to find teenager? I don’t see men in 20s or 30s want be with girlfriend daily. I go to store daily and no guy is asking me out. I even lost weight as I’m not in happy relationship. I’m unhappy in my life. I want a man next to me share life with me tell everyone he’s my girlfriend
Is it normal be alone in a relationship?
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