Should I stay or should I go now?

I've been seeing this guy for a month now and I'm a year older, I just graduated and he's going into grade 12. I asked him the other day when we're going to date and he wants to just "see" me because he doesn't believe in dating in high school, which is understandable it's not like we'll end up getting married. I figured he only wanted to see me because then if he f***s up and kisses or screws someone then it won't matter cause we aren't official anyway. He said it'd be morally wrong and he seems sincere about it, but I'm thinking, should I stay with him? I really, really like him and he's nothing I've ever seen before. What should I do? Is it better to love then lost or never love at all, in fear of getting hurt? It's been so long since I've felt like this towards anyone, should I take the chance or save myself the grief?


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  • When you give a child an apple, he/she immediately concludes that it is the most deliciour fruit ever (if he/she never had fruit before).

    Then he/she eats grapes and then he/she concludes that grapes are the most delicious.

    But what a mature person would do is to eat lots of fruit (no matter if there's a chance that he/she will hate the fruit or not), and THEN decide which one's the best.

    The analogy here is, well, the fruits are the guys in your life.

    To be able to make a mature decision when you are in the "right time" of your life to get married is to date as much men as possible, no matter if the relationship lasts or not, becuase this makes you understand what guys want, and more importantly, what YOU want.

    Then, when you are "of right age", you know which fruit is the best (because you tasted all of them).

    The alternative scenario is that you only taste apple, and don't eat any other fruit (because you might not like it - a.k.a. "your heart might be broken"), and then conclude that the apple is the best fruit there is, when you actually like carrots more (but you will never know this because you never tried).

    As the famous philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once argued, we can only experience as much happiness as we experience pain, because both are the results of taking risks.

    As the popuar saying goes, "You sometimes have to make a leap of faith."

    Just go for it, and good luck. =)


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