Wanting to date my new friend?

There's this gal at work I like, 'Linda'. When Linda started I threw caution to the wind and asked her out almost immediately after meeting her. One day we met, the next day FB friends, 3rd day, 'Want to go bowling?'

She agreed but said she was recently broken up from a long term relationship and just wanted a friend. So we've bowled, gone to movies, the biggest amusement park in the state, and then last week went on a vacation to Wisconsin Dells. We had a good time. She then came over for dinner a few days later and hung out with me and my best friend Ben. We stayed up all night watching movies into the wee hours. To be clear, all friendly stuff. No dating or fooling around etc...

Now a few weeks back I happened to be browsing okcupid. I stumbled across her profile. I signed out to be invisible then looked at it. It said she was replying selectively to emails and in the body of text she said she was looking to date after getting out of long term relationship.

Today at work she was in the lunch room and we made plans for her to come over and visit in a few days. Then she started talking with me and a couple others about how she has a first date at a comedy club down the street. We had a conversation later on the main floor but I'm kind of crestfallen. Maybe she's not interested me that way and that'd be fine but I don't want to be the guy who came in and held back out of respect and therefore had rotten timing in her waiting period.

I was thinking this. If in a day or so, maybe when she's over I say something like 'How was your date the other night' and judge the reaction. Then depending on the reply I could say something like 'You know Linda you're a good friend, but I do like you, and I'd like to date you if you'd give me the chance'.

What do you think?


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  • Well, as she said, she has been out of a long term relationship and would like a friend. I guess you are that friend, so in the mean time keep it as "friends only" and give it more time. When she starts flirting with you, only then do you show you like her a lot. I mean right now you could flirt with her, but don't come on to strong because you might scare her away.


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