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Raise or fold the second time around?

I met this girl at a hospital, we were stuck there together for like a month.

She made it obvious she liked me. Wrote me letters, sang me songs, always super nervous but she always wanted to sit and talk with me.

I've had my fill of pretty girls who don't really mean it. I'm sick of being a tool. She really seemed different though. She said she I deserved someone who really cared and she wanted to stay in touch. It was pretty obvious she meant it at the time, but I know how it goes when you meet in a setting where there is almost no competition then go back out into the world.

I pretty much brushed her off, I was focused on other things. I liked her a lot, I just didn't believe she would be serious and I had too much on my plate already.

But I kept the number. I called her like a month later and we talked for well over an hour. Things went great for a couple weeks but then it was like talking to a log. She said she was just really depressed and didn't want to talk to anyone. I tried to convince her to just meet up for lunch and see if she had a good time but she didn't.

Well, aparently her toxic/controlling ex hit her up for sex, she said yes to him thinking there would be no feelings, fell for the trap, dated him for like a year, but still called me sometimes when she was really down and I could tell it really helped. She said she wasn't "allowed" to talk to me so we really didn't keep in touch.

Well, now she seems to have broke up with her boyfriend, and is super depressed again. She reads my messages but doesn't reply much kind of like before.

On one hand, she should have given me a chance the first time and saved both of us the heartache. If she was as serious as she said she was, she would have at least gone to lunch with me...

But other hand, she is fantastic, she's worth a lot of effort and I really like her. She deserves someone to care about her too.

So do I make the effort again and risk getting hurt? or do I walk and live my own life?
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Well, Keith had the real answer.
I'm not the problem. She doesn't want a friend, she wants a fan.
No wonder she hangs out with people who talk fake and blow.

It's worth finding out, but you don't keep digging just because you hit a septic tank.

Raise or fold the second time around?
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