He has not called me at all. Why do guys do this?

My boyfriend of 3yrs just broke up with me, he just says its my fault for asking for a break in May it is now June and he broke up with me. I cried and I begged for him to forgive me and I found out he was going out with other girls. When I asked him about them he just says they are friends and what do I think he is a loner. He talked to me last night and said he is doing the things he want to do now he is spending time with his friends and is going out and doing the things he wanted to do. He also said that he wants to be friends, but I love him so much. When I asked him if he was tired of being in a relationship he said "YEA YOU CAN SAY THAT"and when I asked if he still loves me he didn't answer he just said "IF I DO OR don't IT MIGHT CHANGE". I'm so sad I miss being with him is he ever coming back I really miss him so much. will he ever come back its been 3 days that I have not called or texted him what should I do he has not called me at all either.


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  • Why did you ask for a break? My understanding of a break is that it's okay to date other people, no?

    • no not really its when a girl is not really ready to give up on the relationship.. And its like time to think well that's my interpretation of a break,but I will still call him and show him I still cared and the break lasted less than a week . But when he broke up with me he said it was all because of my break and his brother and friends would tell him that I asked for a break because I didn't love him or care about him. But that is not true at all I love him so much and he just got tired of me or bored

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  • It seems like he needs some independance after being in such a serious relationship. He may just be letting loose for a while. First off, the whole friends thing never works out after you fall in love with a guy. After a while it is possible. However, the best thing you can do for yourself is to cut all ties off with him. Don't text him, defriend him on Facebook- cut all ties with him! Go out with your girls and have some fun :) Goodluck! Things that are meant to be always find a way.

    • thanks but it really hurts I just hope he will come back one day. But yeah I did he doesn't know what I have been doing for the past days I diapered from almost everything where he does not know what I am doing, but I really want him back :( 3yrs can not just end like that. If he got bored of the relationship will he get bored of hanging with his friends.?

  • he might have just gotten bored with the relationship... or maybe he might have been seeing one of his "friends"... both hurt... I went through the same thing, and found out for a whole year he was cheating and I was too naive to believe itt. but maybe things will change. you can also try to make him jealous by hanging with your "friends" :)

    • yeah that's what I been hearing a lot but I know for a fact he was not cheating because we will spend every moment together for 3yrs.. So if he did get bored and still loves me will he ever come back I have not texted him for 2 days :( and he has not texted me at all. Should I just give him his freedom and make him miss me :( because I really hope he comes back.

    • trust me, your gonna miss him more then anything... but he might want some space and he might wanna try different things... so you should go out there and do the same. oh and always remember, if you do see him you have to look your absolute BEST. we like to show guys that they are missing something goood :).

    • thanks :)