Should I ask him to hang out?

So for this past week, I started liking a guy in my Calc and Physics class, and I believe that he likes me back. I am usually a really shy girl and asking a guy to hang out will take a lot of gut from me I know, but I wanna do it if he does like me.

Here are some signs I thought that he likes me:

1. In Physics, we were talking and doing our class assignment and I forget what we were doing, but we had a really long eye "stare". Like he wasn't about to turn away,s o I finally decided to turn my eyes away but it was deffinitely longer than expected.

2. In Calc I remember that one day I wanted to do homework and no was doing it except this other guy will and nick, so I decided to move near them and all of the sudden, Nick ( the guy I like ) gets up comes to my desk gets down on his knees puts his paper on my desk and starts working on the problem with me. haha and he never does that and then the rest of the period he was always near me. Then he also tried to help explain a lot of things.Then another day he did the same thing. He went up really close to me to try to help with a problem.

3. he teases me sometimes

4. he said he'd visit me at work

5. he asks me for help rather than like his guy friends.

6. there's other small little things

I mean I don't know if these are obvious or anything, but he just never does that to me, so I thought it was weird that he all of the sudden started doing that. I tried reasoning and thinking well if he didn't like mewould he still do this? Idk, it just doesn't make sense to me.


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  • Go for it, ask him if he wants to hang out sometime. From what you have said here, he might have some interest in you.

  • just be brazen and go for it. you'll never know until you try.

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