Is he leading me on or is he being sincere? please help!

Ive known this guy for a few months and we started talking every week when we saw each other at class. then we texted. then we hung out once. then last week he picked me up and brought me back to his place and I ended up spending the night. the thing is we didn't have sex and we both agreed that it would be a poor decision. last night he asked me to spend the night again. we were laying in bed holding hands and he said stuff like he doesn't know what my intentions are but sex wouldn't be the responsible thing and that he needs to focus on himself and his recovery (we're both recovering addicts) He says he enjoys my company and obviously flirts with me... but when I said "so we're just friends, right?" he replied with "yeah, I think that's best." I'm just so confused and I'm afraid of falling for him even further than I already have and I feel like he's sending me mixed messages. When we part ways, he gives me a hug and a kiss... please help me. am I wasting my time? am I reading too deep into this? I don't know how to react...

please help me, this is driving me absolutely insane! some insight please... murrr hurrrr


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  • mmm... sounds like both you both are afraid to be open about how you feel about each other.

    • i know what I want... he just doesn't I guess. he told me he doesn't want a relationship but he's confusing the crap outta me calling me babe and whatnot but also calling me pal and bud. never been more confused... I don't wanna emotionally attach!

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