Would you date a bald woman?

Guys, lets say this woman has a great personality and she has a very nice body and face and always wears a wig. Would you mind her being bald?


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  • I would be more comfortable with her not wearing a wig at all. At least with me.


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  • Yeah I would, I'm not trying to be a d*** but it would be so off putting.. Although if I was in a relationship with her already and she went bald due to circumstances out of her control then I wouldn't mind at all..

  • It would depend whether it was early in the relationship or not, if it was early then yes it would. baldness is pretty off putting on a woman...sorry :)

    • What if she always has a wig glued onto her head. Would it still bother you?

  • Is she bald by choice? If she's bald by choice I'd probably be really turned off.

    • Not by choice.

    • Then yeah I would. It's not her fault. I would prefer the wig whenever possible though.

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