First boyfriend, first break up... should I go back?

I loved my boyfriend so much. He was my first love and I gave him all of my love. We lived together for 8 months. I did so much for him and always tried to make him happy and feel comfortable and loved. He rarely did his for me and he is a manipulator. One day one of our fights got way too out of hand and I broke up with him. I don't know what to do though, I loved him so much and we had a lot of good times and had the same goals. We would talk about our future and getting married and moving up north. Was this just lies? He wants to stay together. I moved out and live with girls my age and I'm having fun. But I miss him, he says he is getting anger management now... Should I give him another chance... I really believe in commitment but he could just end up the same.

I don't know what to do...


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  • Dont just give him another chance right off the bat, if you do love him and he loves you and is trying to get help then maybe your the push to make him change for the better, he might not necessarily change right away or at all but this could make it so things can get better, I say if you both feel the same way ease into it tell him you want to go on a few dates and talk to each other and enjoy it and see how you feel then. Seeing is believing


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