Kisses that drive your man wild!

I don't want it to be the same thing over and over again. I'm searching for some hot, seductive and creative ideas to turn my boyfriend on even more. :)

Also, guys what do you LOVE?


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  • To be honest I really don't think kisses "turn a man on" much. Never heard it from any guy anyways. You want to turn a man on get a new costume like some sexy maid or somethingg you know. If you really want to spice things up. Lots of guys turn on lots from such like that. But kisses really don't drive a dude wild much..

    • You'd be surprised how turned on my boyfriend gets when kissing/ making out. Lol I guess I assumed that most guys are like this.

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    • Well than I don't know what he could be thinking than. Because if he hasn't had sex than who knows what he could be thinking. So maybe I am wrong about him.

    • I apprieciate your help :)

  • study p*rnstars.

    • What is that !

    • simple, watch some erotic videos and watch the body language. its more about the body than the kiss.

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  • base of throat is good for my guy

  • from personal experience, I think biting his lip helps:) not hard...just a nibble & make sure to tug gently then give him a little kiss after. Turns me well as most guys from what I know atleast:)

    • I do that. We were making out and I felt like sucking/ nibbling on his bottom lip and whoa! He was all over me in a matter of nano seconds. It was nice :)

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