First kiss? Nervous!

Okay, so I'm 16 and I have never had my first kiss. my boyfriend has kissed plenty of girls.. so he is experienced and I am the opposite. I wanna kiss him and I feel excited that I finally get to have the awaited first kiss, but I'm also very nervous too. just those little things like when to start turning my head, how long it should be, etc. keep me thinking and wondering. we are going to hang out alone at the park for our first time tomorrow and knowing him, he is probably gonna wanna kiss. is there any advice? I can't stop thinking about it and hoping I don't do anything wrong...


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  • Just relax. If he knows you've not had your first kiss then he'll be ready to lead anyway. Just go with the flow. You don't have to count seconds before doing anything, you just do what feels good an natural. Nothing will really prepare you for what it actually feels like, and then when you know, you get an idea of what you like to do. Just enjoy it and know if you are calm and gentle and follow his lead, you can't do anything wrong.

    • alright, thank you! (:

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  • DONT WORRY! I've had my share of first kisses and don't over think them :]

    It will happen when its supposed to happen, even if it feels awkward or silly. YOUR KISSING A GUY , he won't care or even notice! unless you go crazy and I don't know lick his face O.o

    Let the guy lead you, you will know exactly what to do once you start its like human nature ;]

    good luck!

    • That helped me a lot! Thank youu!

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