I think he was trying to lean in for a kiss. Don't have a clue what to do?

I meet up with my ex yesterday, and we talked and everything caught up on sh*t. Then it was time to say goodbye we hugged, then I think he was trying to lean in for a kiss then he covered it up with a kiss on my cheek ://I don't know what to make of this? He normally text's me in the morning saying good morning and text's me through the day, but today nothing. Have I done something wrong? ://erhh help!


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  • Maybe he shyed off.

    I mean in the end he is your ex right?

    Maybe he thought by giving you a kiss on the lips was coming on to strong and he didn't want to mess things up, so instead he pecked you on the cheek. But I mean even that, he likes you. Maybe he is busy and didn't have time. My boyfriend hasn't texted me for two days, I'm worried but I have faith in him. Either somethingg is wrong or he is busy. But I think he likes you.

    • oh okay, I'm just so worried because he still hasn't texted me since :/

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    • haha, so this is you jessica.

      You sound like a complete stranger

      and yeah.

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