How many breakups can a man take?

Well its simple our communication just sucks and I couldn't handle it anymore so I broke up with him. I know that we love each other and we have a great time with each other. But when you have had more than one arguments over a communication problem its really time to call it quits.

I basically had breakfast with him and he and I decided that he would just go do his laundry at his home and I would stay at my home and wash my car and wash my neighbors (girlfriend's) car and her husband's truck (military duty) As he was leaving he looked at me as he has before and said, "I will see ya later." I then say okay, and thinking in the back of my mind as he drives away... I hope "later" means tonight. So I

worked hard all day and "later" finally arrives in my

mind and he contacts me and

Im happy he has but I haven't ate and he has...well there goes the eating out with him. I just thought okay, I guess I'm not seeing him tonight. And then you think... What does see ya later mean? So I try and forget about it but I'm out eating alone and I think to myself, I will just go and see him...and I did but he's not home and it's 9:00pm and your still thinking WOW I'll see ya later just means next weekend. UGH!

I just wish after dating a year that he could have gotten what "I'll see you later" means to me. I would have liked for it to have worked out but life is to short reading someone else's mind. And let me add, he and I went through this once before. I know he feels he didn't do anything wrong and I didn't either. I just wasn't happy with the outcome and I just found myself frustrated and knew in my heart that this man isn't changing.

Its really sad that two people have a great time with each other but can't do the simple things like communicate.


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  • It is common... I have had the same problem recently, I find that it goes both ways. You could have said OK I will see you tonight, or O.K, I'll be ready at 7 or something to that effect.

    I am having trouble with the same thing myself and can see I am to blame some ogf the time. I have found it hard to talk to my Girlfriend at times. especially when she is not being receptive to my feelings, the current situation of just isn't listening... it makes communication harder. Makes me feel like she doesn't care, not interested or just wants things her way. That makes it difficult to open up later.

    • I know, your right. We both are not welling to listening to each others needs. He takes it that I'm controling him and I don't feel I am... I feel that he doesn't respect me enough or love me. I have done this two ways... One, I didn't wait on him when he said he would be back. I got in the car and went to my family. He got upset and I felt I had waited long enough. Two, Again I washed the cars and waited all day and all night. I just feel if I said, see you at 7pm he still wouldn't do it

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  • Have you tried telling him what see you later means to you ? Or asking him what it means to him ? Communication is a 2 way street and this sounds like it could be solved with a heart to heart talk.

    • well I did the heart to heart talk. Then he did it again we broke up for two weeks and here we are again...I am finding out that this my be a attention deficit disorder. which I also have...and he maybe need to be aware of what he doing but I just need to understand that " Its just who he is"

  • So what are you asking really? do you want him back? did you break up with once before?

    • I love sharing my time with him when we are happy and enjoying each others company but as soon as I don't like something I tell him about it...and...Im this out of control person that wants her way all the time. I feel he doesn't get me and I don't get him. I want him to be respectful. Yes I do want him back but not if I'm going to feel like am his pain in the a**. We are better off finding someone that does make us happy.

    • He thinks I'm out of control person and I'm not...he just doesn't want to answer to a woman or his ex girlfriend which is me now

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