At what point post break-up do you experience regret?

Ladies, say you are dating a guy and you really fall in love with him. You date for 6 months and have only really had one major fight which resolved itself in time. Then another fight happens about the same issue and something comes up about your partners past that you were unaware of, you break up with him rashly. How long until you sit down and think about what you did? He was so good to you, offered up so much and was well liked by all around you. Since the break up, you have gone on vacation and he has sent you an emotional email and changed his phone number. How do you react a week later? Has it hit you yet? Do you miss him and wish you didn't walk away?

Please? Somebody?


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  • I actually wouldn't mind the emotional email since my last ex. refused to communicate with me, period.

    If it's an angry 'I hate you mofo' email, then I would get scared and go away.

    If it's an 'I miss you' email, I'd write back and try to work it out (on the assumption that I really liked the guy during the relationship and probably still do. If I want out, at least I would provide some explanation).

    I would experience a ridiculous amount of emotions, including regret, after a day post break-up or post-argument. A week, maximum.

    This, unfortunately, depends on the girl and the circumstances.

    • Basically I was her everything. She wanted to marry me, would kinda parade me around to her coworkers and friends about all the nice things I did for her. I got many compliments from them regarding how I treated her. She is basically just immature. The email explained things that were bothering me in the relationship and factors that I felt lead to its downfall. It wasn't an F-you email or anything like that. Just a summary of how I felt. It's only been 8 days since we broke up.

    • Oh goodness. : | I would give it another week...

      If there weren't any questions in the email, I'd say she may just possibly ignore you, which is immature of her...

      I unfortunately don't have much insight on girls like that...

    • Yes there were no questions in the email. She left me on a Monday and she had her family vacation to look forward to from Thursday-Monday. So now that she is back and into the swing of things, I wonder if it is going to get to her at all. The lack of morning text messages, or coffees brought to work, or spending time together over dinner. Etc. I just wish she would grow up. Its bothering me so bad though. I just want to know what she's thinking and feeling. If she misses me or regrets leaving.

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  • She might miss him. It depends on what the fight was about if it went against her morals and values she may not forgive you. If it was petty, she'll most likely be back in like a week.

  • Well if you really love him then only a few days...we really think about stuff..but your past is your past it's not like its that important because your with them now...But people just take things different every girl is different just like every guy is different let nature take its course..and hopefully she will realize this real soon.!

    • Ya it's been 9 days..

    • o my that really sucks just try to talk to her...just tell her the truth be straight up. Hopefullly it works out for you...

    • She dumped me. I am not calling her.

  • If he sent an emotional email and changed his phone number...its done.

    • Agree with the girl below, way too much drama. He'd seem like a loose canon that I was glad to be away from.

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    • Hun, I'm not saying she's MAD because you changed your number. You never even told me until you freaked out that she told you to do it. I'm just saying that if she wants you to lose her number and move on, she's not coming back. She's moved on and wants you to as well. Sheesh you like flipped a f***ing switch. Get some help for that anger.

    • Shes impulsive and reactive. She is ready to pack up and leave when the going gets rough. Always has been like that. She is immature. Hopefully in time she sees how good she did have it with me.

  • Once I returned from that vacation I would've had enough time to see that I was being irrational. However, if I wanted a quick break-off from him, a rashly way is an option. From what you have written I can only see your perception of how you were in the relationship and not hers, so it's hard to really tell.

    Every girl is different; of course. If my ex made a dramatic move to change his number with a emotional letter attached the first thing I would think to myself is "drama much?"Such an emotional move would justify my decision to be away from him.

    Again, it's hard to tell because each girl is different. If she was really in love I don't think she would leave you that love over a small fight.

    • It wasn't a dramatic move to change my number. Basically she told me to delete her phone number and have a nice life. In the email I wrote, I explained to her that I changed my number to help me start over. Nothing dramatic about it.

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  • dude, let it go. if she wants to, she'll contact you. no go hustle some numbers and go out with other girls.