What do I do on the first kiss?

title says it all, what do I do on the first kiss?

like how to initiate it how to do it etc..


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  • That's a scary icon pic you have there, and I don't mean the caribou.

    • Theirs nothing wrong about him being proud of his heritage.

    • @beer3, you do know the history of the American Civil War, and part of the reasons for it's conflict?

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  • Have the date tattooed above your top lip, a 'monumental moustache'

    When you have sex... try to make it as early in the year as possible, less numbers to tattoo on your cock

    When you have children, remember they're the fruit of your testicles. Short names like Ed and Jane born around new year will be a fraction of the agony of having Rumplestiltskin or Alexandria born around Christmas tattooed on your sack