What are his intentions?

My brother's friend only calls and texts me when he is around my brother. And when he does talk to me, he is flirty but seems nervous and awkward. He does have a rep for being a major flirt. The weird part about him though is that I don't seem to be a "topic" he would normally bring up or that I would even be worth mentioning, let alone actually trying to communicate with me. We are not real close but there seems to be an interest. I don't understand how my name would even be brought up and also why he bothers calling or texting me if it isn't a big deal. Is he just messing with me or is he interested? And, why does he only talk to me when he is around my brother?


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  • He is nurvous because he likes you. He doesn't know realy how to approach you on his own. if you were oakland and he was Sanfrancisco your brother would be the Golden gate Bridge. He connects the both of you. So your brother around its much easier to talk to you. Guys get nurvous around girls they like. And if he is having trouble talking to you on his own he probobly likes you a lot. Make it easy for him to talk to you by talking about stuff him and his brother already talk about. If you make it easy for this guy to talk to you you will have aboyfriend before you know it. :) unless you don't want that :(


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  • Dating a friend's sister is tricky. Some brothers are super-protective, some become super-protective when they find out that you want to date their sister. So if he's considering making a pass, he has to make a really careful read of both you AND your brother. (Imagine his embarassment if he discovers that your brother's okay with it, only to learn that you don't like him that much.)


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  • If he is only talking to you when he is around your brother then I wouldn't take it as an interested or something worth looking into. If he was interested in a general approach he would be calling or texting you when he wasnt around your brother. In fear that him having feeligns for you would ruin their friendship.

    I'm not sure what he intentions are but they do not seem good.

    If he wasinterested he would call and text you all the time not just on certain times