What can I text my girl I'm dating that's sweet without being needy?

I'm going out with the guys and she's out with her friends. we have been dating about 2 months. what is something sweet I can text her that will make her think about me.


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  • "miss you"

    • thanks..ive never actually said that to her because I don't want to seem needy because she likes the big strong confident guys ha ha but I do miss her

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    • nah, not weird.

    • ok thanks..you can look at my questions from earlier if you want to and see what you think..i would like your opinion haha

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  • I think you should say what you mean.

    You should't write anything you don't really feel at the moment.

    If you miss her, tell her. If you're feeling hungry...well...don't tell her hahahaha

    Just tell her stuff related to her...she'll appreciate it and she'll respond quicker.

    (but if you really want her to respond you should add a question to this message, or ad least a teasing enough of a message that she wants to hear more...)


  • I'll be thinking of you


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