Religious or not??

so pretty much my question is simple.

first part

Do you like religious people?


Are you religious?

(this would be for dating and stuff)

  • Yes & I'm religious
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  • No & I'm not religious
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  • Yes & I'm not religious
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  • No & I'm religious
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  • Just depends (then tell me)
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This is like would you rather date type thing


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  • I'm a proud Christian. it's a lifestyle like none other. and I do like most religious pplz because they are more grounded and centered than most people who are not connected to any faith.

    • I completely agree :)

      some guys don't like me because I'm really religious

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    • Ur welcome... and I mean everything I said- It's the responsibility of older believers to encourage the younger ones. Trust me wen I say what I say.... I've seen it firsthand in the lives of others who had that problem... though I am single, I'm not gonna settle for anything.... and I expect you to do the same...

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What Guys Said 4

  • I don't mind religious people as long as they don't try to push their beliefs on me or get offended with everything I do or say.

    Yep,but I don't try tell anyone else how to live I believe god gave people free will for a reason, I have friends who are agnostic, athiest, wiccan and others and we all get along

  • answered A. but I hate religious people who shove it on my face. "believe in god or ull go to hell" not if I curse you first ¬_¬

  • i don't mind my frineds or people are religious,as long they don't put it on me.

  • people should belive what they want, although I would like a girl to have morals though


What Girls Said 3

  • well as a Christian I would definitely prefer a Christian guy, though I don't consider that a "religion" but many do. and "non-religious" guys don't seem too into having a real relationship but instead the physical stuff anyways. not that all Christian guys are more into having a relationship than the physical but it's more likely.

  • in my experience, religious people have a greater moral standing and have something that they believe in and strive for. although I treat all people the same. if they are a good person, whether they are religious or not then they're fine by me.

  • there`re okay, i`m mean that their beliefs/religion and you should respect that.