What do you think about dating an older woman with kids?

trying to get some feedback on dating an older woman with kids most of them near adult age.


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  • I am a 35 year old newly single woman with 3 kids, mine are 16, 13 & 6.

    I must admit dating guys again after a 17 year relationship is quite daugnting, I don't look 35, so I tend to attract guys 25-30. I think the assumption that guys make when discovering that you have kids is that you want a stable relationship, someone to look after you and your kids. There are some women who do want that, but for me personally, I just want to go out and experience having fun dating a guy. When I told my kids I wanted to start going out and go on dates they were okay with that, the only stipulation we agreed on was that I wouldn't bring guys home at the end of the night, which I respect. You have to put it into perspective, who are you dating, her or her and her kids. I don't take my kids on dates! That's not a date, that's a family outing! There's a huge difference. I guess it depends on what you are looking for also, a few dates, fun and excitment of flirting and an oppertunity to explore sexual pleasures together or a potential long term relationship, if the latter, then you ahve to question if you are ready to be part of someone elses family. Just try to find out what it is that she is looking for before you commit to anything. But be gentle about it, most single women with children have been emotionally hurt by the father of their children, that's why their single, so you may have to be slightly more attentive than you would with a woman who hasn't got emotional ties to kids.


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  • You're asking for trouble honestly esp if you don't have kids yourself and want them. And by trouble I mean, her kids' problems will be yours. Are you willing to deal with all that? They're not your children, can you ever love them like they are? Esp since they're all grown up already?


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  • Personally I wouldn't, too much baggage and responsibilities that you didn't ask for but for some guys that's part of what they want.

    • Your assuming they want you to play daddy to their kids, your forgetting that those kids already have a daddy. Single women with kids don't take their kids on dates, going on a date is a breif eleif from all those family responcibilities. x

    • How could I not assume that? They want to be taken care of and they come with a kid. How is that so hard for you to understand?

      Yea most of the dads are either dead beats or not around more than half the time. Yea that's for casual dating, what about a relationship. Also any girl I've taken out that has kids only talks about two things: her kids and the baby daddy.