Divorce attorneys, what do you think of them?

If somebody was a divorce attorney, would you find him/her less desirable to date? I am a girl and I kind of want to be one, but I know there's a negative association with them, people think they like other peoples' misery or that they must be very cynical people doomed to fail in a relationship if they split people up for a living. Not to mention that sometimes lawyers have a negative image in general.

So, what do you think of a man or woman who is a divorce attorney? Is there more of a negative connotation if a woman does it as opposed to a man?


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  • i wouldn't care as long as she will give me kids and still be a women about things then I couldn't care less


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  • I don't see anything wrong with it. You have to follow your dreams and nobody should tell you otherwise. I did family counseling for a while and like any job dealing with the public it can drag you down. you have to be someone who can separate business from home life. if that's not you then you should think about doing something else with your life. you also have to be willing to work long hours and be willing to put up with all kinds of people. Some people are going to be easy to work with and then others are going to be more of a challenge to work with. I recommend talking to a divorce attorney and find out more details. Its a lot of schooling and a bar exam at the end so you have to be willing to have no social life for a while. I believe you can only take the test once a year and if you fail then you have to wait another year to take the test. Good luck!