Maybe he's just not that into me?

So last summer, I started hanging out with this guy I worked with. I was very interested in dating him, but he had a girlfriend. He left for the Navy and asked me to write him. I said I would but didn't because I didn't want our relationship to progress while he still had a girlfriend. He comes back from training and still wants to hang out with me. I don't respond because he still has a girlfriend. A year goes by and he Facebooks me saying he's coming down to visit and wants to hang out. He tells me he broke up with his girlfriend. Cool. I tell him when he comes down we can hang. I'm kind of pleased that he still wants to see me after a year. So we text every night until he comes to visit. At this point, things seem to be returning back to the way they were. However, he's been down here for a few days and we still Haven't hung out. We only stay ten minutes from each other. Lol. I Haven't really heard from him either. I'm sure he's visiting family and friends, but I don't want him to come see me his last day here. I thought he would want to spend more time with me after us not seeing each other for so long. Maybe he doesn't like me that much?


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  • He obviously wants to hang out with you, and he definitely hasn't forgotten about you. It seems as though he's made a lot of effort, but have you initiated anything with him?

    Let him know that you want to see him, too. He might be getting the impression that you don't really want to hang out with him. So call him or text him -- don't let him do all the work, lol.

    • Well we usually text every night til about 1. He hasn't texted me since he's been back. When I did text him, he didn't really text back...? He has a LOT of friends, but I still can't be last. Lol. No matter how many friends, if someone wants to be with you'll theyll make time. Oh well.

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  • Maybe.