How long is to long to be "just dating"?

I've been seeing a guy (exclusivly but not a relationship ) for about 3 and a half months now. we can only get together once every 2 weeks but we talk on the phone almost every night. when we do see each other it becomes instantly physical. I haven't met friends or family... I'm starting to wonder.. when is it normal to expect a little more then "just dating"? I don't want to stick around just to find out its never been going anywhere, but I'm worried I'll scared him off if I approch the topic (I'm extermly shy so its the same anxiety with any guy)

what should I do?


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  • Well you have to have that conversation because 3 months and still no relationship yet. Don't be scare if you want to have relationship. like a saying " Shit or get off the pot"


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  • Id bring up an exclusive relationship talk with him, but you need to decide before hand if your going to stay around if he says he's not ready for an exclusive relationship (whatever the reasons maybe). I have been dating a guy for nearly 6 months and we are not official boyfriend/girlfriend and when I discussed being exclusive he made it clear he couldn't give me that until he got work situated but said he wasn't dating anyone else and had no intention of doing so... whcih to me is a lot of the exclusive without the title, but than is easier to get out of because there is no title. I decided to stick it out because I agree with his reasoning and actually respected the fact he was bluntly honest and nothing has showed me that he is lying. As for meeting friends and family I have met one family member and he's met my family, but both were casual encounters not planned. We also see each other every few weeks but talk/text daily.

    I would suggest having the talk and see where it goes. I could end up broken hearted by waiting for I'm but at the same tiem I think he's worth waiting for and I don't believe in chasing games, however, some men don't want to committ so who knows