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Is it normal for a guy to react this way?

Several months ago, I was attacked while walking back to my car at night. Long story short, a drunk guy started catcalling and following me. I panicked, took off my heels, and started running toward my car. He managed to grab me from behind and started kissing my neck. I tried kicking back at his knees, but it didn’t do much because I was barefoot. He had tight jeans on, so I wiggled my hand behind me, dug my fingers into the bulge of his crotch, and squeezed. He immediately stopped kissing me and let out a scream, but wouldn’t let go of me. So I kept squeezing until I felt his crotch starting to become wet. I realized that he was actually peeing himself. I let go after that and he fell to his knees screaming. I gave him a good back kick to the face and got the hell out of there. In all my years of taking self-defense classes, I’ve never heard of an attacker wetting himself from a groin strike. Is it normal for a guy to do this or did I end up damaging something “down there”?
Is it normal for a guy to react this way?
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