If a guy feels more comfortable kissing than hugging does that mean he doesn't really like me..?

is not hugging easier than kissing as far as feeling vulnerable.

no we are not sexually active. we have only known each other a few months. he kissed me the other day & so far we have just kissed & talked, hung out on the grass, in public. but we do not touch unless we are kissing. he touched me a bit before we kissed now its only when we kiss. what's up.

plus I know he used to, because I remember thinking how I did not mind. like I usually do not like people touching me--even casually but he would squeeze my shoulders or put his hand on my back or take my hand it did not bother me. but ever since we kissed it seems more stressful, & I feel like if he is not comfortable enough to hug me, he should not be comfortable kissing. what do you think?

1 why do you think he is doing this.

2 don't you think hugging is easier?


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  • The only thing that I could come up with right now is that he doesn't like to be too physical. A hug involves a lot of physical contact, whereas a kiss doesn't have to.

    Though I have to say that I'm not really satisfied with my own answer.

    Hmm... The fact that we can't find a reason means we are looking at it from a wrong angle. Are you sure he didn't want to hug you just THAt time? Are you sure it is becoming a general trend for him to avoid physical contact?

    Because if it was just a one time stress, it might be because he was a little sweaty, or may be he just had an erection and didn't want you to feel it so he wanted to stay away, or etc.

    So, I'm repeating: Are you sure this wasn't a one-time thing? Are you SURE that he is generally stressed about hugging you? And that it started after you two kissed for the first time?


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