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I lack situations to meet girls currently?

Hi there. I'm a 27-year old, graduating a little late this year. Unfortunately here the only girls are a decent number between the age of 18 and 22. I'd ideally like to meet a girl a little closer to my age, but it doesn't seem too possible at the moment, unless I'm not thinking of the proper venue to meet one. I used to sometimes play open mic out (i'm pretty good at guitar and singing), so maybe that could be an option. Usually, I just try to hook up with girls I work with at a restaurant I work at, since I'm always busy with classes and working. I'm fairly charismatic and funny, but also a little eccentric, but I make it work. However, it's getting a little bit difficult as my age grows farther from the people around me in my town. Any suggestions? Also, there's a girl at work who is 19 that I'm kinda into who the other day I told her outside I thought she is cute asked her if she'd be down to hang out and she agreed, should I pursue that? I'm not too big of a fan of her age, as I'm sure she's immature in certain ways. Though she is studying to be a special education teacher, so she has to be mature for her age, as she seems to be. Any advice? Thanks.
I lack situations to meet girls currently?
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