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Guys, Newly single need online hook up help?

Im newly sinlge after a failed marriage so im dumb to how things work these days So liked a guy online chatted for a while moved to snapchat he followed me on insta…. he was all about the sexy chat made it well known he was fully attracted to me rang me we sexted a lot arranged a date and everything but it ended up happening sooner i was drunk he begged me to come see him so i did….. we went to a bar he was lovely told me i was stunning gorgeous eyes bought all my drinks held my hand went back to his got it on i stayed the night he left me home next day. Nothing was awkward the sex was great he said he had a great night on the way home he asked me questions about my life etc we got on well….. since then we've still been talking but the full on sex talk has sort of stopped he's joked about how much iv scratched his back and all of that….. whats the deal he got what he wanted just and now not interested in another hook up actually do like him and i think he liked me too….. should i leave it and see what way he behaves if i dont text him 1st id love to see him again
Guys, Newly single need online hook up help?
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