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How would I know if she’s using me?

So I’ve been dating this women I met at work, She’s 27 I just turned 24. She was interested in me first so I got her number asked her out. Up until now I don’t have that much dating experience with older women. We text decently I guess but it’s like I have to text her first she never she has only started a conversation once but she’s very responsive in person and laughs and smiles a lot. So we’ve been on two dates (I paid for the first date , second date was at her apartment) and have a third coming up but she wants to go on a Thursday afternoon before we go to work (movie date) . Is this a sign or just normal I wouldn’t be mad if she wasn’t interested but don’t keep pretending to be. Just let me know so I can move on.
How would I know if she’s using me?
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