Now she won't text, what should I do?

Girl's friend called me over and asked for my number,ironically when she was about to text me my phone broke shortly I got a new one but now she won't text what should I do?


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  • she probably thought you blew her off and that the broken phone was just an exucse. text her. don't wait for her to


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  • Easy. You contact her and test the waters.

    If I understand the scenario, your phone broke before she texted you. She might think you're a jerk for not texting back (if she doesn't know it broke). If this is the case, then who wants THAT!?

    She might not recall you. Have had this happen before.

    Either way, get in touch with her anyway you can and see what's up with her. Mention the phone breaking and what not and see what she says.

    If you can't get in touch with her because you don't have her number or whatever then you're just out of luck.

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