Should I tie down my boyfriend?

I feel like I'm too easy with my boyfriend and the only reason I do that is because I don't want to be like those annoying ass girlfriends that tell him what to do but sometimes I'm scared he has the right to walk all over me and that's not what I want him to think either.


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  • It sounds like you are only with him to "be with him."

    Typically this is because of deep down emotional issues that make you feel you aren't worthy of something better.

    Since being with him is better than being alone, you choose to be with him... regardless of the mental toll you have to take. At least you get those random moments when things seem perfect... right? ... wrong!

    I have been in 3 serious relationships in my lifetime. I'm 27 years old and am engaged to my fiance, which we will be married in October of this year.

    I was previously in a relationship where I was not in control. I felt that I didn't want to do anything to upset my partner because I couldn't stand the idea of losing her.

    Guess what... I ended up feeling regret and anger towards her for having that power over me and I sought freedom elsewhere... once I realized I couldn't find love in a hole I said "she's the best I've got".

    She found out. It got ugly. The relationship didn't work out.

    I have also been in a relationship where I was completely in control. She would do anything I wanted...

    I had no respect for her at all because I had to make all decisions and felt like I had no guidance in my life. While I was faithful, all I wanted to do was drift away. While men don't need a mother to nag them, they do need a mother figure in their life...

    The relationship I am in now is amazing. While I do get my ass handed to me once in a while (probably once a week)... I completely understand that I deserve it. And it makes me a better man.

    I strive to provide this family glorious wealth and unlimited potential. She keeps us in realistic line and has amazing love for every living creature.

    We work as a team to tackle everything. While it is difficult to communicate on certain subjects (which I'm sure everyone can understand), we always make each other feel like equals.

    If you don't feel equal then communicate that to him. If you feel that you can't communicate that to him then stop settling for "the best option" and wait for the next suitor to show up. Dudes like chicks. Stop sweating your self worth and start expecting nothing less than excellence.

    I own my own business. Starting a business is very difficult. You drain your bank account, risk losing your house and your cars do to financial obligations. The second my business picked up I obtained rewards I was never offered in my lifetime.

    The same goes for a relationship. If you have to give up a crap relationship... expect it to suck for a while. However once you "accept" the right suitor you will be rewarded with a lifelong companionship that will blow your mind away. Never settle... choose your partner because they are the best.


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  • Your boyfriend is not a dog. Even using that as a figure of speech, that seems pretty extreme. If you suffocate your boyfriend, he can/will cut whatever you might tie him down with.

    There's a difference between that and making your voice heard. If he says something you disagree with, don't be afraid to disagree with him and have an *adult* debate with him with the understanding that you both may agree to disagree. Any reasonable guy would respect that you are a human being with your own opinions. Any reasonable girl would respect that guys are humans too and shouldn't be "tied down".

    I don't know why you are scared that he has the right to walk all over you. No person in the world has any right to walk over anyone else.


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  • yes, you need to set the boundaries and make sure he knows you're not going to put up with sh*t from him

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