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Texted my boyfriend a bunch of texts in row. Now what?

Posting again to get more clarity. Me and my partner we are spending Christmas separately. We tried to stay connected via viber exchanging pictures and stuff. He texted me Merry Christmas today and we talked a bit. I asked him if he wanted to have a call later and he said how about in the evening. I replied and sent him a bunch of texts in a row pics from our family dinner and told him that I missed him. I have read receipts disabled and activity status offline so I am not sure if he checked my texts. Anyhow after some hours I texted him again after posting here asking him if its a good time to talk, I could call him. But he didn't reply either and I feel dumb cause I don't normally write a lot or send pics but took a step outside my comfort zone as I wanted to share with him my vacations. I understand he might got busy with parties and family as he mentioned to me he would attend some events during the holidays. I'm over thinking it a lot and getting anxiety that I overwhelmed him and ruined it. I think it's best to wait for him to reach out to me before I initiate again. It's my first relationship and I am getting insecure. I've been told by other guys before that I talk too much and it's annoying but my current boyfriend jokes about it and doesn't seem to mind it.
Texted my boyfriend a bunch of texts in row. Now what?
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