What is dating a "hot" girl like?

I hear a lot of people saying that many "hot" girls are not worth it. It's a lot of maintenance, vanity, and many "hot" girls don't have great personalities, they are shallow.

I'm just curious if any of you have had experience dating a "hot" girl, or know someone who has. And would you rather date a girl that is not as good looking (still attractive though) but with a great personality?


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  • A lot of these guys are just bitter and want to justify their reason for either leaving an attractive girl or being dumped by one. Some of them aren't however, and saying that a lot of them are incredibly vain, high maintenance, etc. is a huge generalisation.

    I have never been called shallow, or been told that my personality in unpleasant. Not everyone likes me obviously, but I don't think I'm horrible to spend time with.

    I guess my boyfriend feels a lot of pressure to make sure I don't leave him, even though I wouldn't *just* leave him, and definitely not for someone else. He gets jealous very easily, but I guess it's because his ex-girlfriend cheated on him with one of his friends...and that must be absolutely awful to bare. I don't even know how anyone could behave so vile. People like that are disgusting.

    Regardless, he gets angry if another man openly looks at my assets, or acts flirtatious towards me. Like cashiers in shops, etc. He seems to feel pressured to buy me gifts, especially jewellery, even if I tell him it's not important, like Valentine's day. [which I do hate]

    Sex is another thing where he feels the pressure to be have to satisfy me every time.

    So yeah, it could make you quiet stressed in the long run. Though I have to add that it's completely optional and unnecessary in my opinion.

    • Interesting. Thanks for the answer! Just curious, but do you think his fear that you'd leave him is a legitimate one? I mean, would you ever leave him for a "better" guy?

    • No, I don't think it's legitimate. I wouldn't leave him unless he gave me a reason to do so.

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  • All the guys who dated my friends & I say we were worth it.

    The guys have fun hanging out with a nice attractive girl.

    They did not like how many better options we had or how easy it was for us to bail out.

    Guys prefer to hold those powers.

    They have said we spoiled them because now they feel like they're settling when they go out with a less attractive girl.

    Side note:

    Maintenance? If you mean beauty regimens well for some girls looking hot is work. Funny how guys just want every girl to look hot with no effort.

    Vanity? Guys can't complain there since most guys get a confidence boost dating a hot girl & feel better if their partner is attractive.

    Great personalities? Not too many people have those.

    Shallow? Is it because they want an equally attractive partner instead of average/ugly guys? Seems less shallow than guys who seek more attractive partners.

    • in a messed up way very true :(

    • Yep that's why to guys ideal is a hot girl who doesn't know she's hot that way the guy gets what he wants & still has the power.

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  • I think that they're probably just mad that they broke up, which is common whether the girl is hot or not. Personally I think dating a hot girl is like dating any other girl, it just depends on their personality.

  • ive dated a few really hot girls...really hot. as well as more normal chicks. and there's two sides to it. first, there is just something about the hot ones that just make you feel really good (confidence wise and just in general), but what I've found is you always feel like you are the one fighting for the relationship cause there are so many options for her, and while I have options too, it is easier for her and she was my best option so..