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Why am I never good enough?

it's funny I thought someone would choose me over everyone else around me.
But it's cause I'm low value and the only time a guy acts interested online is because he wants sex. I give up. my mom, sister and everyone in my family have happy relationships and my sister whose absolutely beautiful is pregnant and is so happy and I'm happy for her. She's married and that's something I will never get to experience because guys just ignore me for them. I mean why would you choose a rusty car over a beautiful lambo? Lamborghini?
I don't know if I'm gonna be able to have kids. And that's probably a deal breaker for guys. There's always one kid out of the families that doesn't find anyone. and I'm that person. oh well. but change my weight right? everything will magically change? I have to work and lose weight to find a man? wow. makes sense why I'm always ignored or looked passed.
they say all the time the only time a guy wants a big women is when he's desperate or settling for less. or can't find anyone better. I know how guys look at my mom or sister or any attractive woman. then they look at me and wonder what went wrong.
on bumble I legit got lots of matches but when I went to talk to them only a select few responded. I legit can't find anyone otherwise if I don't use dating apps. but I've deleted them recently.
Why am I never good enough?
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