Does he want to hang out again or not?

Before hanging out with this guy, we texted all the time, nearly everyday, and he would usually start the conversation.

The first time we hung out It was three of my friend's, one of which he knew, me, and him. He knew they were coming beforehand, and wanted me to come alone, but I couldn't and he was okay with that. We just chilled, but no one really talked and it was awkward.

The day after, he didn't text me, so I figured he thought I was weird. I decided to text him, though, and he brought up how shy I was which I'm not, and he later said maybe I won't be shy the next time we hang out. I didn't reply, but texted him 2 days later. We talked, but I once again ended the conversation.

Since we hung out, he hasn't texted me first, and I ended the conversation 1) because the conversation was pretty dead, and 2) because I was hoping he'd end up texting me first! I want to hang out with him again, but I don't think he wants to?


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  • lol..hey sorry but you are so stupid. He wants to hang out with you and every time you stuck the conversation nowhere. The point is he was used to send you messages and then you guys didn't talk much at hangout and just like you he might have been thinking the same way as you did. I think he was also expecting you to sms him. Everybody thinks like that. Don't waste your time and just call him and ask him to meet. I m sure he will be ready for that without hesitation.

    Take care and good luck.


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