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How to be confident again after some weight gain?

I’ve gained a good amount of weight over the course of four years. I shouldn’t have to explain how or why but I know that I’ll probably get a ton of hate and fat shaming. I used to be really fit all my life and in my college years. After college, I got severely depressed and struggled with binge eating disorder. I completely let myself go and didn’t really care about my health, my relationships, and how I looked. I was 57 pounds overweight, now I’m 42 pounds overweight. I got back on track this past year, and lost a total of 13 pounds in two months. I’m eating clean now and work out at the gym almost everyday now for an hour.

I’m doing a lot better with my mental health and I actually want to start meeting new guys, and maybe get into a serious relationship eventually. I know I need to focus on losing more weight and working on my self esteem first. How do I accept myself for the way I am now? I’m feeling a lot better now that I’m losing weight, but every time I think about meeting someone new, I feel really self conscious about the way I look. I know that most guys prefer to date thinner girls and that just makes me want to give up on dating for a while until I lose all this weight.
How to be confident again after some weight gain?
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