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Is this a person that sounds like they genuinely want a relationship?


I’ve been on and off the dating apps for years. I’ve been on bumble for about two months. While I get matches, guys stop replying to messages early on or the convo just dies out naturally. (F 27), I’ve just never gotten dates easy like other women I know. I’ve been told I’m picky but everyone should be selective to some degree. I really do want companionship but I have very low patience/tolerance if a guy acts like a dick and really don’t want to settle. I feel like I could have dated but all the guys would feel mediocre. I just can’t find what I really want it’s mind boggling. I wonder if I really want a relationship, considering I don’t have desire to have sex. I haven’t had sex in three years and don’t care if I never have it again. When I get messages on dating apps and convos seem to go well early on, I get discouraged as soon as the conversation fades. I feel forced then to try matching with more guys. And knowing that being with someone long term means eventually having to live with them and get more comfortable/do gross things in front of each other also turns me off… I go through periods where I want a relationship then I get turned off or bored, I get annoyed when I don’t get as much attention. I know a lot of it is anxiety but that’s only part of it, a lot of people are with anxiety have an easier time dating.

Tl;DR: Genuine asexual or making up excuses for being chronically single?
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Is this a person that sounds like they genuinely want a relationship?
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