Should I text him and tell him my true feelings?

A guy I've recently been hanging out with/hooking up with was in town yesterday(he lives two hours away). We hung out for a good portion of the day, and throughout the day he would call me baby, beautiful, honey, etc. and held my hand throughout a lot of the day. We were at a party and as the night went on we each got drunk...and towards the end of the night I was debating leaving and I took him into his old room to chat about things that had come up at the party. He brought up the topic of what we were, and he said he never thought about us being exclusive and he wanted to know what I thought about us. And I was shocked that he had even asked. I starting rambling but never truly touched on what I wanted to come out of us. He told me to tell him when I was ready, and the entire time were talking about this, he's kissing my forehead, my arms, and my lips in such a 'loving' way. He kept saying he "liked this" when talking about us. And I brought up if we lived closer to each other things would be different and he agreed with me. After I left the party, I figured out what I truly felt after chatting with my best friend, and I texted him asking if he'd listen to me the following day, today, and he said of course and sent another text saying he wished I was there. Last night, we had planed to possibly hang out today before he left back home, but he never responded to my texts all day (good chance his phone died), and now I'm stuck wondering if I should text him what I feel for him, or even see if he remembers the conversation we had. He came online briefly on fb for a while today and I chatted him, but there was no response. I feel like he's ignoring me now...If that's so, I don't know why. Is it worth sending him a text later in the week asking if he remembered the convo we had about us and tell him how I feel? I realized last night that I do have feelings for him, and the way he acts with me, I can tell he has feeling too. Help? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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  • FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TELL THAT MAN! keeping quiet drives us insane, he may not be responding because he may think that he took things too far. Ask him if he remembers the conversation, and then tell him how you really feel before he has to wallow in his confusion and suspicions any longer!

    • seeing as he hasn't responed to my text today or when I fb chatted him asking if he was still in town, would you do it right away or give it some time?

    • right away, because he may have a reason for not responding to you, but if you tell him you're interested that may clear away suspicions/misconceptions

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