Why is he acting like this?

Ok so me and this guy dated for a total of almost a year. we weren't like really sexually active but he did finger me a couple times. but now he has a girlfriend but says he still loves me and wants to be with me. and I still get thoughs butterflies when he touchs my arm or whispers in my ear. and I can totally see him get excited when I kiss his neck so what's wrong with him? and fyi I'm not a slut he told me he wasnt to break up with his girlfriend but he is scared to hurt me again. :(


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  • Stay away from him. He can say he wants to break up with her all he wants, but unless he actually does it, he's just leading you on and if you're kissing, I most definitely consider that cheating. I've been on the other side of this. I had a boyfriend constantly telling this other girl that he wanted to break up with me and was going to do it, but 9 months later he was still with me and leading her along. Don't let that happen, to you or to her. You'll both get hurt. If he wants to leave her, then he needs to do it. Don't let him have you and have her too. It just lets him know that he can have his cake and eat it too without having to fulfill his promises or make any commitments. Let him know he needs to do something if he wants to be with you, and leave him alone until then. Otherwise, no matter what you say, you WILL be classified as the other woman and quite possibly some much ruder names if you allow him to continue like this. Just think of it like this, if you were his girlfriend right now and you heard some other girl was kissing his neck and he was telling her he wanted to break up with you, wouldn't you be hurt and feel cheated on? It's not a good situation for anyone, and you can't allow this to continue. If you want to be with him, let him know that you will but he has to definitely end things with her first or you're not going to have anythign to do with him.